The Soul Structure Coding, DNA, RNA & The Brain

Margaret Rogers Van Coops*1

1 Margaret Rogers Van Coops, Sumaris Education Center & Clinic Health/Wellness, Sumaris Center, 321 Farallon Drive, Lake Havasu City, Arizona, USA.

*Corresponding Author: Margaret Rogers Van Coops, Margaret Rogers Van Coops, Sumaris Education Center & Clinic Health/Wellness, Sumaris Center, 321 Farallon Drive, Lake Havasu City, Arizona, USA, TEL: 928-733-3525; FAX: 928 453 7974;

Citation: Margaret Rogers Van Coops (2018) The Soul Structure Coding, DNA, RNA & The Brain. Medcina Intern 2018 2: 121

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Received date: September 11, 2018; Accepted date: September 17, 2018; Published date: September 19, 2018.

Before embodiment, each individual entity has intrinsic knowledge of their Soul Structure Coding. The Soul Structure Code is a complex system that is composed of seven components, each part having seven sub-components to program in preparation for life on Earth. Your choice is yours alone, but with the help of your Master Teacher/Spirit Guides who no longer come into embodiment, you first discuss this coding with them in preparation for another life to be lived in our future. In the Oneness there is only a state of Omnipresence in the mirror image of the form we call God.

The Oneness consists of spirits, objects or entities in various forms from all over the Universe that we in our human minds perceive as enormous and unexplored. Today, we are aware, through the Hubble telescope, that there are millions of stars, planets, asteroids, etc. that all seem potential locations for habitation to reincarnate. In every scenario, there are three focus points: developing a greater awareness of self, one’s position in The Oneness and how we can acknowledge its existence in ascension for future generations to enjoy as they incarnate in turn. So why would this perpetual game go on and on and on? The simple truth is that without action, friction would not be created, and The Oneness would become a void of nothing. See my new book: The Dark side, audio and e-book.

So where do we start with our human needs? Quite simply, with the creative genes that lie within our DNA and subsequent additional RNA traits that we copy from day to day! But first, we need to look without the perspective of time regarding the promise of reincarnation to come. In The Oneness, we announce our focus on a personal level, i.e., I want to focus on unconditional love and share that or conversely, I want to be a negative type who will upset everyone and challenge them to find unconditional love. Either way, your life will accept others and, whether in opposition or support, you will leave a general trail of the effects that you have had on people’s lives. Your Soul Structure Coding will ensure that you do what you came to do. In a simple analogy, casting all controversy and judgments aside, President Trump is doing exactly what he came to do; to break down the old rules so that we can make new ones without him and build a better system.

In my books, I spoke of the Second Spiritual Age that began on Jan 1st. 2008. Many called it the shift. That transformation was stimulated by an Archangel called Haniel whose lesson for us is to learn to communicate and to listen and to contemplate alternatives. Currently, we see raw conflict, judgment and exposure. In time this will settle down and we will find new ways to sort ourselves out. Each of us is only responsible for what we do. Each of us is also responsible for how we respond. Do you react or interact? Do you believe in yourself and trust your choices or do you rely on others? Such questions are not for the nonconscious mind but for the heart and soul of your being. Every day we toss around conscious thoughts in our brains, believing that those thoughts are our truth, when in fact they belonged originally to someone else.

Soul Structure Coding has been well chosen. It provides a safety net through the use of what is called a Chief Feature. Each of the seven Chief Features are to help deal with negative points of view that we have copied, justifiably really believed, and have fought to keep believing. This may be good or bad for us and others that we meet. We might be focused on Greed - wanting more money; or Impatience - having the nerve to take over from others and possibly destroy their ideas and creative pursuits. Perhaps you have a Martyrdom energy that insists on cooking for all and never eating yourself. While not intending to quote all the aspects of the Soul Structure Coding, it should be clear that without stimulating your DNA, your body would not have grown, and your brain would not know about The Soul Structure Coding that is deeply embedded within it as it grew your new body in the womb. As the body grew, your brain became the master machine to ensure your existence. It is divided into three sections: Deep-subconscious houses the Soul Structure Coding, Sub-conscious houses emotional memory and Conscious mind that provides analysis and creates new scenarios.

Next to know is that your mother grew your body before the quickening. Her life cells and her personality and character at the time of conception are all embedded within what is to become your body. Even your brain has the codes from her Soul Structure Coding within it. So, by the time you are ready to be born, you are your miniature mother-in-person within. However, you also have the anatomical influences of your father from the sperm as well as the way your mother responds to father throughout the pregnancy encoded into every cell, along with other family members; hence the reason that you pop out knowing who you feel safe with and how you relate to them.

As you learn to struggle on your back and absorb attention from family and friends, your brain is busy sorting out a program that will fit in with your Soul Structure Coding and that of all your ancestors as far back as is needed to be known, along with ancient ideas of beings in other dimensions of time and space. Your personal Soul Structure Coding is full of information that will allow you to develop free will along with a personality colored by your parents, extended family and friends, the talents and skills of your ancestors and past associates in past lives. The result of such a load of information is that it must be stored in the Spirit Body that will live in your physical body. So, as you wiggle, laugh, scream, cry etc., you program your feelings into the cells throughout your body, relative to the position you are in at the time. That means your emotions are stored in the muscles as you stimulate movement, which in turn react, sending a message to the brain to respond with either physical reactions or mental interactions allowing a lesson to be learned along with basic emotions. By the time you enter the birth canal, you are fully encoded on a cellular-neuro-muscular-memory level to rely entirely upon your brain for survival.

With regard to the DNA strand still being studied, it was explained to this writer that the tail end of the strand houses the original form of separation which carries the message of The Oneness, God, to find someone similar to harmonize with. Therefore, each one of us has a natural need to separate from many we bond with in order to find what we call a perfect match; someone who thinks and feels just like us. A carbon copy of self, however, would serve no purpose to The Oneness if all was just complete joy here on Earth. There must be friction and resonation in order to create separation according to the original code. So, even if we find the perfect partner, there will be differences and desires which ultimately will move them towards another relationship where a challenge will be dedicated to change.

Each node of the DNA has a particular emphasis on traits of form, habits, routines, rituals, and creative arts passed down from generation to generation throughout time. We each have been a part of the formation of our planet. As the Hindi people say, we could be reborn as an ant who is a relative. All aspects of forms are live beings and as such carry DNA and RNA along with the coding of Their Soul Structure Coding which is the hope of “God,” a Supreme being to find love and adulation by which its presence is known.

The DNA is stimulated from the Chief Feature. So, if you come in with impatience, as I did, then whenever you are tested, it will show up. In my case, where history told me in various ways how to behave in certain situations and wait until spoken to, I was intolerant of silence but learned to stay closed lipped. Once I grew up and away from home, I had plenty to share, since I had been downloading information from The Oneness about all that I am writing about here. I knew answers that others thought idiotic. But today, people are now discovering through science that what I knew as a young child is, in reality, correct. Back then, I knew a baby could be conceived outside of the womb, making it clear that Mary, though a virgin, was impregnated by alien hands. Taking the genes of Joseph and Mary to make the child a boy and place it in her womb. Today, this is done routinely.

The Personality is stimulated by what are called Modes for each individual to stand alone and tall, no matter what the circumstances. The Soul Structure Coding of the Modes includes such aspects as Power, Repression and Observation. This combination would cause a person to appear stronger than most, but often burdened with a sense of logical restraint or inhibition, which would allow them to stand or sit on the fence and watch life pass by. In this case, they would learn patience and probably have a Chief Feature Coding of Stubbornness to remain separate from the rest of us. Their life would be an example of growth without action, perhaps to become spiritual in appreciating the wild life that bears no threat to their comfort. There are many ways the Chief features and Modes can interact or react to cause growth in an individual.

If we add to this a purpose for returning to life, we will find that each individual has a Goal encoded in The Soul Structure Coding that provides a stimulant. For example, in my case, I have a Goal of Acceptance, which means that I can be in grateful joy over something very simple; usually a result of something I have done or in finding a lesson in learning how to integrate myself with the happenings around me, in spite of what I am doing on a personal level. This provides an opportunity to understand another’s point of view, which in turn expands my own. Whatever my point of view is, it will be colored by my RNA from my family, friends and associates, since our journey through life is to act out all that we have learned from them in order to find out that much of what they taught us is out of date. For example, great emphasis was placed upon writing well without spelling mistakes. Today we have spell-check on our computers while we often rush to write and make many mistakes that are corrected for us by any of our computerized toys. Because a friend has a special computer or phone, all their associated friends want the same thing. We long to be similar, yet different. Why? Because we are all programmed to be different.

When the Oneness was fist aware, it exploded itself to create more forms. Each form had a memory of separation and a desire to find something or someone that would in some way fulfill the need to create more things that would fill up the emotional void of separation. At the time of this explosion, many were encoded with what we call the Role Essence: Expression versus Oration, Creation verses Pretense, Compassion versus Zeal, Service versus Bondage, Mastery versus Tyranny, Persuasion versus Coercion, and finally accruing information to test self with Knowledge versus Theory. These opposing ways were given to the seven Archangels who have many names around the world in many religions. Each Archangel has an archetype as follows: Sage, Artisan, Priest, Slave, King, Warrior, Scholar. These seven archetypes, being the extension of The Creator, were programmed to explore, create and mold us into forms manifested in various ways to exist in many places.

Since each Archangel was encoded with the original separation, it was therefore, their primary goal to create more things in separation, but with a purpose. The Soul Structure Coding was the result manifested long before Earth was ever created. We humans are the result of eons of creation and destruction. It is in our nature to be both. In this way we channel the original hope that we will return to the whole that once existed on its own. But times have changed, and The Oneness is the result. We are now in the Second Spiritual Age, since January 1st. 2018. The year of Trinity began. We are sentient beings, who are programmed to be aware of our own source of life. With our encoded Goals and Modes, we must also embrace the encoded mother’s Soul Structure Coding. This is considered to be the first creative harmony of two humans when the important aspect of the Soul Structure Coding of Attitude is awakened within the womb.

From a spiritual point of view, we enter this world with a primary Attitude that will guide us through our cycles of life. An example is acceptance of needing to be educated about this world, and who better to teach you than your mother through the RNA while inside her. Once you leave the womb you will begin to use your own encoded choice of Attitude. Mine for example is Idealist, while my mother going through her life, was encoded with Skeptic. I watched her many times become seriously suspicious and going out of her way to find the fact which was her way of investigating circumstances. So, of course, I copied her, while my dad was encoded with the energy of the Spiritualist, which caused me to have faith and to verify my spiritual awareness. During my upbringing, I often found a contradiction between the two, since they could not agree about the way they saw life in general. Both were war-torn and in PTSD scenarios. My mother was a cripple and dad became a sales director by the time he was fifty years old, but there was no obvious spiritual side to him. When I became a Medium, he learned from me and used his own skills to awaken his own spirituality and went on to help people in his own way, while my mother ensconced herself in her religion and later her bedroom to pray or escape watching TV. Meanwhile, I advanced using all aspects of combined Attitudes, to become a successful teacher, and ultimately a Professor in my field. So how did I overcome their quarrels and misconceptions on a daily basis?

I listened to my Spirit Guides who, in a severe medical crisis, brought me back from death to write The Way To Oneness, now published as Journey Into An Unknown World: The Way to Oneness Revisited. I learned all about the Soul Structure Coding and how each of us must learn to master all aspects of our coding from the Soul, to the Spirit, to the Body and to use it all in such a way to be able to heal, counsel and teach. What was before me was another journey in psychology and psychiatry to expose the old ways as out of date. Gently, wisely and carefully, I broke down barriers in people and helped them to see that they need no longer be copiers of their families, or mad at them for not fitting in with their own ways and means. As I learned more, I understood how my Soul Structure Coding also housed my Spiritual Centers that had been with me throughout all time. In this life I chose. Higher Intellectual and Higher Emotional Centers for one purpose; to be able to connect with God and all aspects of The Oneness through my psychic skills. As I grew, I found out there was nothing I could not do in the arts or practical things like building a brick wall or crazy pave a yard. My joy in having this skill is to test myself further. Life is a challenge and I enjoy the challenge and hope to work until the day I pass back into The Spirit World, leaving something of me behind for others to explore and expound.

Added to this part of my Spirit was a Moving center that allows me to download information without getting confused by my bodily circumstances. In my opinion today, that was a wise choice. Had I have chosen to have a Sexual Center or even a normal emotional or intellectual coding, I would be content to just be a Medium all my life with little desire for much else. That is not to say it is bad, but rather to say that my challenge would have been focused more on the example of an existence rather than the teacher. So, when I combine my ancestry that I know mostly about, I can dip into that history and use it. For example, my paternal grandmother traveled all over India with my grandfather who founded the Dowsing Association of GB. His job was to find water, but while he did that he found oil too, which unfortunately, in those days was not appreciated, or even used. Today, I dowse bodies to find out what their illnesses are long before they show any signs of the illness; and thus, am able to prevent it manifesting with my crystal therapies.

Now that you know that the Soul Structure Coding consisted of Archangels, creating Archetypes, goals, modes, Attitudes, Centers, and Chief features, you can see just how cleverly encoded we all are. My book: The Rejection Syndrome, explains all this in detail with stories. So, what are the Archetypes? The Sage is the expression of God and how God talks to us through one another. Most spend time in the negative giving orations about the bible rather than about one another. The Artisan is the creative aspect of self that loves to make things, while others use pretense to restrict and limit expression in form. The Priest has instinctive passion and desire to make changes for the better but can produce too much zeal that drives people away and creativity is denied. The Slave will serve indefinitely and adore all they do, while those who complain and get angry, feeling trapped by circumstances will feel they are in bondage. Those who are encoded with King must learn to Master themselves and all they do. A leader must show strength as assuredness of truth. If negative, the result can be Tyranny where people are caused to labor without rest for an unknown purpose. The Warrior must learn to forge their own pathway in the hope that they can use persuasion to gain followers and, if all else fails, to use coercion to gain the support they need to be able to do what they came to do. Here, I am a Warrior, and this has been my pathway. I strive as a pioneer to get things done, mostly alone. Finally, The Scholar is the loner on a journey to accept all that occurs not only here on Earth, but elsewhere in other Universes to gather knowledge and share with those ready to learn or to engage in endless Theory to question the very need for existence in the first place.

When you consider how complicated the Soul Structure Coding is and how many of its aspects can be entwined, borrowed and used in different lives, you can understand why no two people are the same. It is fitting that we now look at a whole person from the Spiritual POV when trying to heal someone like me with Parkinson’s disease. I inherited it through my DNA from 5 generations back. When it manifested, I was only thirty-five years old, but, with my coding and my Master teachers, I was able to deprogram my RNA and reprogram myself the way I wanted to be. I let go of fear, pain, anger, guilt, loss, maladies, childhood illnesses, my mother’s crippled feet, my dad’s PTSD and my children’s coding from the womb, ex-husbands as well as anyone else that The Oneness suggested I let go of. I cut Etheric Ribbons we make here on Earth as well as Spiritual cords too. It was one of the best presents I ever gave myself. I was P.D. free and happy to discover new ways to live and think about myself, my work and the people I met. Today, I embrace many facets of my Soul Structure Coding, DNA of my ancestors and my Soul Group who are my Master Teachers in this life. During all of this, I came to understand that I am a Master Teacher myself since we are all of one mind and I use my body to do whatever needs to be done.

Finally, it is important to mention here that Medical processes must include this understanding before any surgery, medications, psychoanalysis, etc. is done for a patient. Once a doctor or therapist knows a person’s Souls Structure Coding and this is explained to the patient, he/she will automatically know how to correct the coding. Their brain will kick in to heal the body, deleting all the fuss and nonsense that he/she has been dealing with over the years. It is important to note that the rational mind is a liar and a cheat. It is equally important to meditate, connect with your spirit and awaken to your Soul Structure Coding, so that you can understand how to adapt and change your ways of living your life. I have trained many Mediums to develop their psychic senses and to be able to know and read the Soul Structure Coding, but the Western World is yet to understand how important this is to the human body.

Our bodies ae full of hopes, dreams, and wants. We must learn to surrender to our entire coding, work with it and realize that as God manifested us, so we can manifest all that we need by using our whole coding on a daily basis to do the things we need to do, not only for ourselves, but for others. It is time now, in this Second Spiritual Age, for us to unite as one race, Humans. We must stop judging ourselves and others. We must stop comparing our religions or the colors of our skins. We must stop hating and destroying when frustrated. Instead we must learn to integrate, support and nurture one another in order to build a world of love and peace.

Encoded within the cellular-neuro-muscular-memory is sensory perception stored in the brain as a moment in time. Imagine watching a film frame by frame, and realize that your brain does just that, while also searching for similar events when you held the same position. That position is then cross-referenced with other events until you have a pile of negative emotional hurts in a particular area of your body. At that point, you begin to feel tired, aching and exhausted. If you do not heed the warning and stop what you are doing and rest, then you will sometime in the future, develop a true long-lasting illness based upon so much fear and anxiety that results in cancer and other serious illnesses. So, my advice, is to watch your body like a hawk for physical warnings and then meditate with crystals to release that memory and any other built into it. Layer upon layer will be removed, revealing more and more of your true and very real spiritual you.