Tarot A Healing Tool in Modern Times

Shivani Khetan*1

1Zorastrian College AISBBNGO in specail consulative status with United Nations Ecosoc (Spiritual Healer, Tarot Reader, school & parent Counsellor)

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Citation:Shivani Khetan (2018) Tarot A Healing Tool in Modern Times.Medcina Intern2018 1: 110

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Received date: February 27, 2018; Accepted date: March 13, 2018; Published date: March 16, 2018

This book, which is the first coffee table book on Tarot to enter the Golden Book of World Records, postulating tarot as a healing tool and transforming life with Vedic Beej Mantras. The book creates personal challenge for living in the moment to transform your life and help you redefine your reality, transformation and exploring your inner self. The book is just the beginning to beak your shell where you have been hiding so long. Once you come out of that space you will be able to experience life in true sense. How much and how far you will fly is up to you. This book is written because I Strongly believe and practice on the theory, “When you truly want something, the universe conspires to help you in achieving it’. With disciplined mind, only one can reach the level of awareness that is required to live a conscious life. Get yourself a nice journal where you are going to record your amazing journey and make it a habit to write everyday your emotional thoughts and dream the impossible to create and act the goal you wish to receive. The book is a experience of within a journey to realize and train the mind that the real power is inside you and tarot is just a tool to help you make this journey about creating and acting on simple steps to achieve what you are truly destined for.

In my personal opinion, the Tarot cards reflect the clients current ‘energetic state’, their thoughts, feelings, emotions, projections etc. that are busy creating their experience of life – like snapshot of possibilities for the near present future. The book is all about finding your true path and healing your personal and emotional thoughts. The book is a wakeup call to create one’s own empowering healing lifestyle and how to joyfully make a difference in the world. It’s a great experience to grow your vision, open your voice and go back to our traditional roots to live a life of purpose. The book offers a series of twenty-two-day exercise with tarot cards designed personally by me. The exercises work on self-talk, meditations that take the approach to look and dig deeper to the task of the further transforming and releasing wounded and exiled inner wounds with the right set of tools and guidance- the very part you need to find and recover to yourself in order to be whole again.

Change your thoughts and Transform Your Life. Remember positive attracts positive…choose to believe good is happening.

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