Prenatal Experiments Based on Ancient Indian Vedas (Garbha Sanskar) For Genius Progeny

Sreenadh karayatt*1

1Scientific psycho Counsellor and Clinical Hypno Therapist(RMP), Director Prudence Accadamy, Kozhikode, Kerala, India

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Are you expecting a baby child in the next few months? Do you wish that your little price or princess should grow healthy, they should be of values and be good to the society and admired by the society?

Do you know that your food habits, lifestyle, behavior, way of approach and thinking process affect your child?

If you nurture from early stages of pregnancy to 7 years, your child will be vibrant and brilliant.

Do you want to clarify all the doubts regarding pregnancy, child birth and growth of your baby?

The article by Dr. Sreenathji, throws light on all your doubts regarding the subject and will prevent giving birth to demons or terrorist into this planet.

The questions like why am I like this? Why he is like this? Or why she is like this? Still remain unanswered.

For getting this answer we should know how a person is formed.

Ancient Indian Sadhus have made researches over these aspects when they were our scientists which culminated into our Ayurveda System.

The personality and character of a child is influenced by the living habits and food habits mental strength of the couples before 2 months of consummation.

Influences are on the following aspects also.

Mental state of affairs of the couple during consummation.

Time chosen for consummation.

The food habits and thoughts of the female during the period before pregnancy

Pregnancy-Time of birth-Sthanyapanam.

The type of food which the couple consume before the consummation

The superior aspects that the food we consume get absorbed by our body and mind. Each cell in our body absorbs energy from the food that we consume. So, the type of the food we eat get reflected in each cell of our body. The same cell gets converted into semen. According to Ayurveda principles it is the food that we take get converted into mind in the next 4 days, into vitality in the next 36 days and will convert into semen in the 41 days. The same semen is getting converted into a baby.

According to Ayurveda scriptures the semen is classified into 8 types. It is with the increase of Vartha, Pitha, Cabha, that the semen is differentiated. By selecting the ideal food, one can choose to have ideal semen which will form an ideal progeny. It is because of these, we are advised to take quality food before 41 days of consummation. Modern science also differentiate food into acidic and alkaline. The quality of food required to produce an ideal child demands the consumption of alkaline food. Apart from this the medicines consumed by the couple during the 41 days also is of much importance. If you are aspiring for a healthy child you should never consume allopathic medicines. Consumption of alcohol, smoking, and consumption of various drugs also influence the child. According to Ayurveda principles intake of fruits and sprouted seeds will result in the birth of an ideal child.

According to Upanishads (Garbo Upanishad and Brahadaranyak Upanishad) the sages have advised us to have an ideal food in order to get ideal progeny. Like how we make the houses by drawing the plan similarly the Upanishads have taught us to make children of our wish. Do you want to make your child a great scholar? Or a red eyed demon? The choice is yours and the scholars have given the preaching’s according to that- it is before the consummation that decides who your child would be.

It is as very important that how the women prepare for the consummation by taking care of the food that she consumes. Women should eat the food which cleans the uterus. Like the favorable climate, good seed, ploughed land and enough water contribute for the sprouting it is necessary to keep the uterus clean during the periods, regular food, clean SHUKLASHNITHAM in a perfect ratio will result in the pregnancy and good child will be born. This was also mentioned in sushruthasamhitha.

The Mind Set Of The Couples During Garbhadhana

Mind set of couples during garbadhara is important when coming to the child’s behavior. It should be done with an intention that a good child should be born. In puranas we had heard a story of Amba, Ambika, Ambalika. They were taught under Sathyavadhi of kuruvamsha. The Three women approached sage Vyasa and Ambalika who closed her eyes when the consummation, got dritharashtra as son, who is blind and Ambalika approached Vyasa with unhealthy mind hence got Pandu as her son. But Dasi who approached Vyasa with happily and pleasant mind got great scholar Vidura as her son. From this story we can understand how important is the mindset at the time of consummation. Unwanted pregnancy is also one such important thing. When the couples are of the opinion that they don’t want children presently but accidentally get pregnant will lead to serious consequences. The modern physicology tells that these children show less or no attachment to the parents. The will always have an impact in their mind that “Nobody wants me, No one loves me “. They experience loneliness. In future These people may create problems both in their home and in the society. We are forced to agree with the words of Swami Vivekananda that the children born with immense prayer will become legends because all the legends in the history are born by the immense prayer. Some of the parents have told me about the difference in the characters of the first child born carelessly and the second child born with immense care.

Time chosen for Consummation

The time of consummation is most important If you aspiring for a good child. In olden days people used to do consumption at the time of spring so that the child will be born during the spring season next year and the child will also be healthy with fewer chances of diseases. Not only that the child will also be able to eat mangoes and jackfruit which helps in increasing the defense mechanism of the body and makes the child healthy. Each and every creation in the world choose different time for consummation.

In ancient India there was a system of choosing appropriate time for Consumption. This time is classified into four: Uthkrishtam, Uthamam, Madhyamam, Adhamam.

Uthkrishtam: This time is considered as the most appropriate time or consummation. If the consummation is done during this period good child with all the qualities will be born. Great souls rebirth in this time but this time is very rare.

Uthamam: After the Uthkrishta time the most appropriate time for consummation is in Uthama period. The children taking birth during this period are supposed to become scholars. They are needed for both the country and the home.

Madhyamam: It is not supposed to do consummation in this period but can have sexual relationship with the partner. If the consumption is done during this period, children with bad behavior are born. The Souls with uncompleted tasks are usually taking birth during this period. For ex: The one who doesn’t complete his desires, one who died during war, accident and suicide take birth in order to fulfill their duties. They will be suffering from diseases and will have a lesser life span.

Adhamam: One should not do consummation during this period and should avoid all kinds of sexual relationships. One should follow Brhmacharya during this period and they will lead happy and prosperous life. They will be of vitality. If the consummation is done during this period the child will be suffering from Tuberculosis and eventually die. It also causes poverty to the children, incurable diseases, diseases and Less immunity. The children taking birth in this period will be so cruel and henceforth it is good not to have consummation in this period. They will create problems for both the society and the home. According to Jyothisha shastras CHOVA, CHANDRAN, SHUKRAN, decides the ADHAMA time period.

According to Nithyachaithanyathi the best time for consummation is early morning between 4 am to 5am. In this time a person will have healthy semen and it can be understood that if the consummation is done in the night after all the works it will affect the child.

It is not good to have consummation at the time when a person is suffering from mental stress or taking any allopathy medicines. It is advised to have consummation at the time when both the couples are happy. The couples will get a good child.

The time of consummation has been divided into eight according to the mental wellbeing of the couples.

1.Brahmyam: Do the consummation by giving more importance to the female and happily treat her like a goddess. The resulting child will be equal to god.

2.Daivam: One should consume the prasad that is performed in the yaga known as “Havis”. He should perform consummation after observing the brahmacharya vratha.The child will be a great scholar and he will upkeep dharma. An ideal example is Rama who was born after performing Puthrakameshti yaga.

3.Arsham: One can get a patriotic and soft nature child after observing the brahmacharya vratha perfectly and doing consummation.

4.Prajapathyam: By obeying all the rules like the age gap between the bride and groom (It is advised to have a age gap of 10 between the two), Time, Place and caste one should marry. He should also take horoscoNe into consideration before the marriage. they will get a child who will be a scholar and the one who gave top priorities for Dharma and Neethi(Justice). [Acharyamatham]

5.Gaandharvam: The one who consummate without considering the period, time, or place and only for the sexual desire. The child born like this will only give preference to their desire’s. They will also have some sexual problems and they have a high intensity of sexual desire. They will create problems for both the society and the home.

6.Aasuram: The marriages which are based on the money and the children born on this marriage will be always selfish in nature. Buying women for money, marriage of beautiful women by providing a large sum to her parents without her permission. The children in this marriage will be giving more importance to the Money rather than anything. Justice and Dharma will always in a step below for this people.

7.Rakshasam: The marriages which happen without the permission of the bride by using the power or by crocked ways will ultimately lead us to the birth of a child who will be a negative minded person. The child will not be happy at times and will not have the mind power. They may be not useful for the society and the home.

8.Paishachikam: Having sex with a female by forcefully or when she is unconscious is known as Pyshachikam. Rape belongs to this category. The children in this relationship will be handicapped or will have any brain disorders.According to Purvikamatham these type of children will be of demon like character and similar to terrorist. But If the time of consummation is good and the mind is good, the child will be a good one with all the good qualities.

In Ayurveda it is also discussed about how the consummation should be done. In shushruthasamhithi it is clearly mentioned in the positions of body about the types of consummation and the behavior of child according to that.In this it is mentioning about the Purushasidantha , Sthreesidantha and 8 types of Napumsaka sidanthas.

Aasekya, Sabhagandhigam, Kumbika, Urshyakam and Shandakam are the 5 types of of Napumsakam mentioned by Ayurveda acharyas.It may look like a male or female but is different in the actions, behavior and nature. It is advised to have consummation with men above women. By observing all these laws, you will get a child with all the good qualities and who will be a scholar. He will also leave for a longer time and he

Makes her parents to live well. [SHUSHRUTHASAMHITHA, SHARIRIKASTHANAM 32nd line]

Now we can come to the relation between the Impurity period and the consummation.

It is known that a female is getting pregnant after the sexual relationships. If the semen is more than the ARTHAVAM, Then the chances of having a male child is more. If the ARTHAVAM is more than the semen, then the chances of giving birth to a female child is more. I the quantity of both the semen and the e re in same proportion then the child will be third-gender. After the first 3 days the periods will become 12 days. Women who doesn’t have impurity periods will also have menstruation. Menstruation actually throw out the impurities inside the body. People who eat only fruits can’t see blood during menstruation is found in the polinasian islands that women doesn’t have impurity periods but they were able to reproduce young ones and have menstruation was told by Varmaji in his works. According to this if the consummation is done in 4,6,8,10 and 12th day (even days) they may get a male child and if the consummation is done in the odd days they may get a female child. I they don’t have the desire to have a child they should do it with BAHJYANANDARASHUDHI.

The behavior of the children which have consummated during the impurity period is given below

4th Day – Extravagant

5th Day - Girl child

6th Day - Boy child

7th Day - It is difficult to have children in this day

8th Day - A child who believes in god

9th Day -The one who brings prosperous

10th Day - Brilliant boy

11th Day - ADHARMIC

12TH Day - Obeying child [Charakasamhitha]

If it is understood that the female is pregnant, then she should avoid sexual intercourse. The parent’s food style, rituals, and the mindset during sexual intercourse it will reflect in the behavior of their child. [SHUSHRUSAMHITHA 45 LINE]

The following are the body features that a child gets from his Father, Mother, Soul, Sathwaguna and from himself. Hair, Moustache, Hair in other parts of the body, Bones, Nail, Artery, SIRASNAYU are obtained from the Father.So the things Flesh, like Blood, blubber, Bone marrow, Heart, navel, spleen, Intestinal and Anus comes from the mother, Brawned, strength, colour, enduringness, desestruction etc. comes from RASAM. The Eighteen senses, Knowledge, wisdom and the lifespan, feeling sadness, etc comes from the soul. Valianity health, strength, glowness, and Understanding power comes from yourself.

The Type of Food and The Mindset of The Women During Gestation

The mindset of the pregnant women and the type of food she consumes plays an Important role in the character formation of the resulting child. SHUKLASHONITHA SAMYOGAMAYIRIKUNNA GHARBAM will be of the shape “BHUD BHUDA”. In the second month all the PANCHABHOOTHAS along will form an object of heavy weight. If the object is of round shape then it is male progeny and if the object is oval then it is female progeny. If it is lengthy and oval then it will be of third gender. In the second month a round shape is found in the place of two eyes, two legs and the head. The other organs will also be seen if observed carefully. In the fourth month all the organs will be seen clearly and by clearly seeing the heart of the unborn baby the CHETHANADATHU is also seen. It is because heart is the place of CHETHANADATHU. In the 5th month there is an awakening in the child’s mind. In the sixth month the brain is formed. In the seventh month all the organs get into neither original form. In the eighth month the organs get matured to come to the earth. There is no problem if the child is born after 8th month. In ninth and the tenth month the child takes rests in the womb and in the tenth month comes out. Here Chandramasa is used to calculate the time. Ten chandramasa means 27*10= 270 days. (10 months 10 days and 10 hour makes the makes the correct time for pregnancy.)

It is actually a normal phenomenon of the earth. But today being pregnant seems like she is having some disease. Treatment, Checkup, taking rest etc. are seen when a woman is pregnant. In this whole universe only, we the human use the system of caesarean. It was only before 10 years we had started hearing about this word. Ordinary delivery can be only seen in the old textbooks.

It is unfortunate that this has happened to the society where women used to have 10 -15 children. In ancient days pregnancy was a celebration but not a fear. Our sisters cry for caesarean today. The most blessed moment in a women’s life is the time of pregnancy. We can make the delivery smoothly and we will discuss about it later. During the period of gestation, it is required to have much importance for 1. Mental wellbeing, 2. Food habits, 3. Rituals, 4. Wearing of clothes, 5. Exercise, 6. Proper rest.

Mental Wellbeing of The Pregnant Women

It is 100% sure that what she hears, see or experience during the gestation period influences the child. We know that Abhimanue had learned to enter the chakravyuha by hearing it from her mother’s womb and the prahlada who was the son of demon was a good child because his mother was in the aashram of Naradamaharshi during gestation. Even the astavakra has made a conversation with his father when he was inside his mother’s womb [ASHTAVAKRA GEETHA]. From all these we can understand that how the mothers mind influences the child. In the fourth of the gestation the mind of the child is forced. Brain is developed in the fifth month. So, during this time what the mother hears and see influence the child. Our grandmothers will tell pregnant women should hear the stories of the heroes during this period. If a pregnant woman sees a murder in her fifth month, the child will be cruel or will have some mental problems. This has been also proved by the modern science. It is not required that the murder scene should see directly but also from movies or other programs this information doesn’t reach our sisters. We know how it affects them. In Germany a Pregnant nursery has been started where the pregnant women had given good food and they were made to hear good music in order to get a good progeny. When will we be aware of this?

Diet of The Pregnant Lady

The diet of the pregnant women also influences the new born baby. The food is classified into three types. They are Sathwaguna, Rajoguna and Thamoguna.

PHALAMULADIKAL, Uncooked foods, and the food items which digest fast comes under Sathwaguna. The food items having Brits, sour, fast food, food that is made of spices and the food made of onion contribute to Rajaguna. Stale bread, food that is made after 3 hours, Fleshy foods etc. contribute to Thamoguna. According to this if the pregnant women ate the food which are sathwika guna then the resulting child will have the god qualities like helping mentality, patience, telling truth, doing work, Dharma, believe in good, wisdom, knowledge, recalling the experienced things and firmness.

If the pregnant women eat the food which comes under the rajoguna then the resulting child will experience sadness, courageousness, arrogant, Telling lies, merciless, dumb, lust, anger etc.

If the pregnant women consume the food which comes under the thamoguna the resulting child will have the bad qualities like atheism, lawlessness, Brainlessness, dementia, Ignorance doesn’t have discrimination power, more sleep etc. The delivery will be smooth if the pregnant women eat frits once a day. I have heard some of their experiences’ will look after why the pregnant women have ardent desire to have delicious foods.

When the child inside lacks minerals, the mother has to eat food which contain minerals so as to complete the growth of the child. We commonly call this desire as GHARBAPUTHI. This is the reason when the desire of the pregnant women is rejected children with handicapped are born. This is only applicable for the food and not for any other material things like gold, meat or sarees. If the minerals are not obtained from the food, the nature itself provide the minerals to the pregnant women. A perfect example is having a desire to eat green mango and gooseberry in the first days of the gestation. This is because the child inside needs calcium and iron. It is better to include the types of food which contains minerals rather than taking capsules. It is prescribed not to have capsules because every medicine will have its own side effects. The pregnant women should eat gooseberry, mango, jackfruit and Banana stemp. In jackfruit, jaggery and banana stemp have a lot of folic in it. So that it can be cured by taking those food.