Journal of Diabetes and Cholesterol Metabolism (DCM)

Diabetes Cure for Type1, Type 2 Type 3 (LADA) and Obesity

Vivek Kamath1*

1CEO Heal The World - Bangalore, India.

*Corresponding Author: Vivek Kamath, CEO Heal The World - Bangalore, India, TEL:+ 91-7760749867 ; FAX:+ 91-7760749867 ;

Citation: Vivek Kamath (2018) Diabetes Cure for Type1, Type 2 Type 3 (LADA) and Obesity. Diabetes Cholest metabol 2:107.

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Received date: February 09, 2018; Accepted date: February 28, 2018; Published date: March 03, 2018.


Statement of the Problem: Diabetes Type1, Type 2 and Type 3 complications.

As most of us are aware Type 2 diabetes can be controlled and cured completely with the diet, workouts (yoga), effective stress management and other healing methods. However, Type 1 and Type 1.5/3/LADA diabetes healing or complete cure is a big challenge because of our body’s immune system issue.

With type 1/1.5 diabetes, the body’s immune system attacks part of its own pancreas. Scientists are not sure why. But our immune system mistakenly sees the insulin-producing cells in the pancreas as foreign, and destroys them. This attack is considered as "autoimmune" disease. These pancreatic cells – called “islets” are the ones that sense glucose in the blood and, in response, produce the necessary amount of insulin to normalize blood sugars.

How do we protect that these “Islets” and how can we ensure that these cells produce enough insulin hormones? Using Reiki Distant Healing and telepathy techniques I have reduced 2 patient’s glucose level. One was type1 case of a nine-year-old boy with high fasting glucose level (350 mg/dL) and a very high random glucose level (450 to 500 mg/dL) despite of taking high dosage insulin on daily basis for nearly 2 years it was not going down. With the reiki healing techniques, it has come down to normal level within a month or so. The same experiment repeated recently on another young gentleman 38 years old patient who was suffering from Type 1.5/3/LADA disease. His FB glucose level was around 350 to 400 mg/DL from the last 8 years despite of taking strong dose of insulin on daily basis; glucose level was not going down. Within a month after initialing Reiki healing treatment, his FB glucose level came down to 190 mg/DL. He is showing recovery from diabetes. The conclusion from our healing study are that these healing and cure works mainly on 1) Energy level of the healer 2) Belief in self for the patients 3) Belief in Reiki Channel and universal energy 4) Intention and thought process/brain wave frequency in alpha state matching between healer and patients. If all of these things are perfect, any disease can be healed. We have made an initial breakthrough in terms of reducing their glucose level. The above study has been followed on other healing such as Lumbar L5 Spine disk pain healing. It worked amazingly and patient has shown drastic improvement in their pain relief. 80% relief on pain has been felt. We are continuing with our research on this healing for various other chronic disease cure not only type1/3 diabetes. The recent healing on Type 2 Diabetes provides us information that even if the patient has any psychological problems, it could hamper the glucose level. A Type 2 Diabetic patient’s PPBS was not going down from 290 mg/dl although his Fasting blood glucose was showing normal. We were not able to find the reason behind it. When we did the detailed consulting with the patient he was suffering from Insomnia problem. We immediately healed his insomnia problem and within few days his PPBS level came down to 110 mg/dl from 290 mg/dl. Based on this finding, it is very clear now, doctors need to find the stress factor in patient. It could be anxiety, phobia, insomnia, greed, morbid jealousy, vengeance, insecurity, depression or any chronic psychological diseases.

Obesity Cure – Without any medicines

We had many obese patients approached us for many issues including diabetes. Obesity is one of the factors for Type 2 Diabetes mainly in the western countries.

We had a client in India whose weight was 140 Kgs and he had list of complications such as 1) Insomnia 2) Body pain, leg, ankle pain, etc. 3) He was not able to walk 200 meters in a day 4) Intestine problems 5) Gastritis and breathlessness

We provided him Reiki Distant healing for few weeks. Within a week his body, leg and ankle pain vanished and few weeks he was back to normal sleep (able to sleep more than 8 hours from 2 hours sleep in the night) and after 15 days he was able to walk 8 KMs during his morning walk. The energy technique really worked on him and he could able to lose around 3 to 4 KGS of weight per month.

Using Reiki energy techniques, we have burned few patient’s fat including the fatty liver. It is very important for patients to bring back their BMI to normal level to have a good health.